Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Festival Time Car Launches in India 1

Macro Level: Shradh (inauspicious) period comes to an end today. A spate of auto launches scheduled ahead of the festive season, from Dassera to Diwali. Industry volumes have been sliding down-hill this year. 
External factors, such as #dieslisation of auto industry, strike at Maruti plant, macro economic factors, etc. All car manufacturers are desperately looking for a spurt in demand during the festive season. RBI can play a catalytic role by reducing rates on 30th October !

With half the month lost to inauspicious, lot of catching up to do for auto dealers....

One of the first off the block is Ford Figo. 
  • It claims over 100 modifications, including enhanced kinetic design
  • Most of it cosmetic 
  • This international best seller from Ford should improve its global presence in the small car segment through this best-seller.
  • In India, Ford still seem to suffer from the perception of service levels, not world-class yet. An area they should focus too


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