Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Good Bye Goa for now

Finally my data-card works…. at Goa airport!! 
  • Felt disconnected at hotel, without good 'connectivity' J 
  • It would appear 'full-signal', but no connectivity. A bit like my spiritual state of mind, in terms of connection to Divinity.
  • But was glad there were no telecom towers nearby,  a healthier option.

Goa airport was chaotic.
  • Security was not controlling crowd. Once at Mumbai I observed my laptop bag did not have the security clearance stamp!
  • Was reminded of the session on 'queuing' theory. But then, all theories on quieing are applicable only if people chose to stand in a queue :) 
  • Mumbai’s passion to stand in line, naturally & without prodding, was totally missing. Tourists from India & abroad were generally ignoring the others and breaking into the lines. No one seemed to bother; ‘chalta hai’ attitude was loud & evident. Families, women, kids were all were violating the basic discipline. 
  • All the tourists were affluent. 
  • What is our value system?
  • Airline counters were not able to handle the crowd.
Infrastructure was woefully adequate. And, this airport was considered to be a risky one, similar to Mangalore. With these inefficiencies at all levels… a disaster may be waiting to happen? 
Hope & pray not...

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