Saturday, October 20, 2012

India Inc under 'stress': Fear of layoff, pay cut and work pressure pushing more employees into depression - The Economic Times

You would have seen this report on today's ET
  • Right on the front page, on top! ( what a way to start a day!)
  • The protagonist is one Mr Bhagat, who is stressed out @ work! 
  • The article goes on to say, 'Bhagat is one of thousand corporate executives who has become victims of stress triggered by the economic slowdown that has been raging for a year now.'  I thought that was quite silly - passing the buck on to 'economic slowdown'!!
  • 'Concerns about the looming threat of layoffs, salaries that are either cut or delayed, and pressures to meet higher targets are conspiring to create a tempest of uncertainty that executives are finding difficult to cope with' ... These were always part of corporate life, right?
  • For God's sake, pls don't blame HR. ( I am no HR guy!)
  • The results are on expected lines : health problems, creating pressure at work & home, etc.
  • If you go thru the comments on ET, most of them are on 'blame-game' too !
  • The proverbial 'silver lining' according to the agency, PPC Worldwide, is 'corporate executives are taking professional help'! That is quite sad. We are going the way our counterparts in some of the 'developed markets' ( economically only )... visit psychologists.
The solutions lie else where. 
  • We are capable of handling this holistically. 
  • It is our INDIVIDUAL CHOICE. That is the first step, own up the responsibility
  • Then, be aware just as I am affected, I am causing similar impact on people around me - at work, at home & beyond. 

Is it worth it ? Request your views...

India Inc under 'stress': Fear of layoff, pay cut and work pressure pushing more employees into depression - The Economic Times


Anonymous said...

An interesting discussion is worth comment. I think that you should write more on this topic, it might not be a taboo subject but generally people are not enough to speak on such topics. To the next. Cheers

Anonymous said...

Absolutely seems you need to open up what you want to acheive out of this blog!! This is very interesting article that has a lot of sense so please stop being a cry baby...

Anonymous said...

One of the way to get out of depression is Eastern way of life i.e. changing the goal post from Material pleasure to inner joy.Corporates needs a combined efforts to change the attitude. The word 'spirituality should not be 'taboo' in our discussion. Western values can be combined with Eastern Thoughts so that new way of life emerges. Work load can be spread to fellow new job seekers by proper training, working hours can be altered. One can have inspiration from our inner creative thoughts. It is easy. Let us start today.

B V S said...

Agree with the blame game. People are stressed because they attach too much value to materialistic gains, like our western counterparts. So treatment lies in similar places too. I do not see the people turning inward in hurry. So no other solution exists. If the values of, the society changes, we will automatically be better in mind.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Best way to deal with it is set yourself a target which you think will be challenging and do everything within your power to reach the target. In 90% of the cases it should see you through - after all just like you need the job, the company needs you too. Replacement cost is simply too heavy. Another solution is to up date / re-skill and move on. As someone said love you job but not the company. Of course it will definitely help if one has a spiritual bent of mind. Sivakumar

Anonymous said...

It may actually not be as silly as it seems. I have worked in India till 2004 and then later from 2008. I do find a vast difference in the mindset of employers, bosses, and employees in terms of how they co-work. Post 1998, but pre 2004, it was a boom period and we allowed the "western work culture" to seep in and did it gladly so. This meant more increments, more incentives, quicker job switches, short term decision making models, results became quarterly etc. to name a few. But being boom times we didn't experience the difficult things - layoffs, work pressure, stress, salary cuts etc. ofcourse you can't have the best of everything only. Now with millions of additional employees into the system, who know only what they learnt from the west in terms of co-working and employee - employer relationships, it is going to be a difficult task going back to what we were.
I agree on the point that there is no point in blaming anyone except ourselves. We ofcourse need professional help to handle this holistically. Agree with you that we dont need the western type. Probably psychologists by another name and using other means. I don't think that the millions of employes born into the system the last decade and exposed only to the western emplyment culture, knows how to look within. What is the way out? Nothing that I can think of will be a game changer except, a morbid thought that we should go through this cathersis of suffering and re-learn our old values and morals the hard way.
Cheers TMG

Mortgage Friend said...

Very important to discuss and ponder. At the end of the day the creation of the problem is by the individuals. All of us have choice to make and be responsible for the choice decision and this is profound learning after having worked for 24 years in the corporate world. Greed is the root cause of everything be it corporate or individual.

However, it is diffcult for some to understand and there is nothing wrong in taking external help like psychologist or attend coaching programs. At the end of the day if we understand the purpose of life or ready to be coached to understand the purpose of life, we are close to the divine source. This is bound to happen in this era.


Ramana Kumar said...

The stress is quite real. Solution is a different matter. First off, ppl hv to realise that India is as much subject to business cycles as any other economy. in future it wl be even more so. Maybe ppl got carried away in the 2004 to 2008 period that India wl grow endlessly like China, making all of us rich ! unfortunately that is not going to happen. But this is not a matter of macro-economic speculation. It really comes down to character of the individual. A balanced work/family life wl equip ppl better to handle these kinds of stresses. What will definitely help is - dare i say it- a spiritual bent of mind. Try to give back to society by engaging in 'seva'. it wl keep you in touch with wider society and help keep perspective on your own troubles. a 'ceiling on desires' is not a bad idea as well. its easy enuf to get into bigger spending habits in good times. it pays to have a level u dont crash down in tuf times. Sounds maybe too prescriptive. but i think Indians have the cultural background to weather these storms well on their own : no need to 'ape' even the bad habits of the westerners !!

SUBS said...

Indeed, spiritual bent of mind, ceiling on desires & seva are the key to a fulfilling life in the corpoRATe world

Thanks for your thoughts