Wednesday, October 24, 2012

INTERBRAND Best Global Brands 2012

The top 3 brands, across all categories are:
  1. Coca Cola - No surprise here. Coke maintains its leadership in this category ! Great achievement, surely.  ( Pepsi is a distant 22)
  2. Apple - Apple is catching up. Coke should be worried. Interestingly, next four slots are occupied by tech companies, though each of them are in more areas where tech matter, such as telecom/search, et al.
  3. IBM
  4. Google
  5. Microsoft

Among cars, 10 to 12 are occupied by the auto brands. Toyota retains the top position among car-brands, in spite of recall crisis and related PR fiasco. VW is a distant 39 surprisingly, Hyundai is at 53, but Audi at 55 !! Porsche & Ferrari are way below
10. Toyota
11. Mercedes Benz
12. BMW
39. VW
53. Hyundai
55. Audi

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