Sunday, October 14, 2012

New Age Transformational Leadership

Interesting write up on Leadership in Indian context:

Drive transformation by abolishing class systems in organisational leadership

Very true, there is acute shortage of not only 'new age' leadership, but 'all age' leaderships :)
We are still at an early phase of evolution in leadership, I guess. It is still so common to see people address others as 'Sir', in a society where we offer 'Namaste' to the Divinity in others !
We do not appreciate and encourage strong value-system. Rude aggression, lack of empathy, vocal, extrovert etc are the more prominent traits of leadership, across all sectors & levels.
Corporate sector needs to embrace the tenets of new age, transformational leadership. Business leaders & HR department need to play a big role. Business schools and our overall educational system should be receptive to the need for this change. 
A leadership that is essence of our true ethos and values, inspiring & contemporary.
Difficult, but surely achievable.

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