Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Signing off from Goa

Why are we punctual? Why do we react to a situation in our ‘own way’? 

I was constantly reminded of a book during the sessions on group dynamics - ‘The book of est’ by Luke Rhinehart.  Must read, strongly recommended.

Nine days in Goa will rejuvenate just anyone, at physical & mental levels. But when you are here to learn, it rejuvenates me at a higher level!

The learning involved new perspectives of group dynamics, OR, dreams & ‘here & now’! ‘World is truly waiting for my intelligence to grow’ J  

There is no end to learning. It should go on till the very last breath. At a spiritual level, Master says ‘End of education is Character’. As such learning continues through out! 

Life is indeed a journey. . .

Sunset @ Goa

Don't miss the fish
Lotus - N o comments 

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