Sunday, October 7, 2012

T20 World Cup Chris Gayle all the way

All national teams ( except hosts & WI), are back to the comfort of their respective homes, from the heat & humidity of Sri Lanka. Hope they will take time to watch the finals, this evening.

Two teams, with contrasting styles, will play the finals ! 
  • Sri Lanka will play a 'clinical' game, with their plan, strategy, tactics, intensity, passion, et al. 
  • West Indies will play with more smiles, surely. 
  • Only the latter makes you remember it is after all a sport! With Chris Gayle's dance steps, some more joining of late, more fun expected, esp if he gets going ! 
  • Of course, he has been 'dancing' down the pitch to hit ball into the stands & giving song-dance-sequence filled dreams to opposition teams, esp their bowlers ! 
  • In the semis, he played a responsible innings, taking his own time to settle down and make up the 'lost time' to catch up on the run-rate !! 
  • Some of those IPL knocks would have definitely helped him to fine-tune his approach and gain confidence. 
Australia, England, South Africa, India, Pakistan, New Zealand are all back home ! 
  • It was surely a silly idea to dilute the intensity of the tournament to include other fringe-teams. 
Something was surely wrong with Indian team. They just did not get the plot right. In terms of batting order ( esp Sehwag), bowling or toss-decision/captaincy. There will be lot of intellectual discussion on all that in our media, for some more time. 

Australia must be wondering what went wrong!! I feel they lost the plot in their match against Pakistan. Perhaps they were playing just to ensure their entry to the next phase and also perhaps would have conspired to keep India &South Africa out of the reckoning too. In the process WI got in, and just peaked at the right time, to thrash them in the semis. Karma theory for Aussies ?!

Don't be surprised if WI walk away with the trophy today. They will play with heart, as if nothing to lose. But SL will play under some pressure.

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