Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tourism day to heart day to WORLD ELDERS DAY

World Tourism day at Goa. Then, World Heart Day also at Goa. Leaving Goa on World Elders’ Day.
  • We are catching up with some of the so-called 'developed' world in our abdication of the responsibility to take care of elders. 
  • And, I had learnt that was one of the pillars of Indian Culture, ‘Respect Elders’
  • Over 41 % elders responded to a survey they were not treated well!
  • And, it is only matter of time before we joined the ranks of senior citizens, even if we don’t believe in the doctrine of Karma !
I Oct was also Vegetarianism day... We need to move from a predominantly non-veg food habits to a more veggie on our plates. Great for health, best for environment. A message at our family doc's clinic read,'a burger costs $ 0.99, whereas a salad $ 3.49' as the primary reason for obesity. But then, food habit is our personal choice. Quality of health & wellness, our choice too. Let us make a respnsible choice...

And tomorrow, Gandhiji’s birth anniversary. A day to remember his teachings, which are more relevant today. 
  • He lived by his deals, Doctrine of Trusteeship, SImple Living/High Thinking, Nishkama Karma, spirituality in activities including politics, etc. 
  • A passionate veggie, lived & died for NON-VIOLENCE. 
  • A friend in Middle East, who has read more on Bapu than most of us Indians, wished me 'Happy Birthday to Gandhi'. 
Our true birthday gift for Bapu could be a resolve to work for an independent India of his dreams...

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