Sunday, October 7, 2012


A good perspective from Richard Branson on 'volunteer work'. ( service/seva)

With the proposed mandatory allocation of 2% for CSR, this topic will gain more focus. ( more of it later).
As individual members of corporate, we owe a lot to society & hence need to plunge into individual CSR (iCSR)

In India, most of our service activities are conducted among our social groups ( religious/family/community), but outside the fellow-workers. That is an opportunity. Bonding/networking can be at a much higher level, when colleagues at work step out for volunteer work. And in India, we have so many opportunities 'to make a difference' orphanage, an old age home, go green, animal care, govt school, health-care, etc.

At an individual level, needless to add, volunteer work can me most fulfilling. Branson shares how potential entrepreneurs should look for areas for larger good :

If you’re thinking about launching a business, consider the new opportunities offered by some of the environmental challenges that your community faces—what would happen if you were to find a solution? If your company offered a scalable solution to a problem like a local water shortage or waste disposal issues, you might help your community and others.

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