Friday, November 30, 2012

Andrew Flintoff's 3rd Innings

Just as we are waiting (eternally!!) for the next Kapil Dev, England cricket-fans are waiting for their next Ian Botham :)

Andrew Flintoff, former England cricketer, was one all-rounder who many thought would fill in the shoes of Ian Botham. He was a brilliant all-rounder. But for various reasons, incl injuries, he did not reach the cricketing heights of Ian Botham.

Now he is in news for a different reason all together. The way people manage their '2nd innings,' just hit a new high !! He is taking up boxing!! WOW ! That is what I call true '3rd Innings'! Go beyond all logic, follow your heart... pursue your madness...Such a fighter he is, on cricket field or elsewhere, boxing world watch-out....

Cricketers usually enters areas such as commentary, newspaper column, cricket admin, coaching, etc ( Of course, also Upper House membership, while still "playing", but not scoring!*)

* Just as Siddhu wriggled out of a reality show to appear at the cricket-commentary box, Sachin may be summoned to the Upper House to vote in favour of FDI retail.

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