Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Auto News India : Used car entry by VW

Volkswagen is entering the used car market in India. Das Auto will also be DAS WELT AUTO, 
the global pre-owned car business of VW. This will surely send the right signals to the market regarding VW's long term plans in India.

Interestingly, they hope to generate 25 % of their income from this business.
They will compete with Mahindra First Choice, the leading organised player in multi-brand, pre-owned car market. 

True Value from Maruti earns a good 1.3 times higher than their corresponding new car business. A proof of the potential of this segment, now dominated by unorganised sector. Of course Maruti has the advantage of scale, depth in service, relatively ease of servicing for their less-techie models.

Customer can only be happy about these developments ! !

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auto transporters said...

Customers are always happy by used cars and if they come in VW name, it is good too. :)