Thursday, November 29, 2012

Mahindra Rise

Some interesting historic facts about Mahindra & Mahindra:
  • Started off as a steel trading company in 1945.. and the name of company was MAHINDRA & MOHAMMED!! 
  • By  J C Mahindra and K C Mahindra, who joined forces with Ghulam Mohammed. But in 1947, latter left to become the finance minister of Pakistan.
  •  Mahindra Bros (with name changed to Mahindra & Mahindra) entered automotive sector in 1947, driving in the iconic Willys Jeep. 
        No wonder they have remained an Indian brand and an extremely popular one..
Their recent launches, incl XUV 500 and South Korean brand, cater to two opposite sides of the spectrum, mass vs affluent!
As such their plan to move up the range was a natural evolution. But Aston Martin would have been an interesting acquisition, for reasons more than 007!!! The experts' opinion were divided - to buy or not to buy!!

Most of the experts had predicted Tata's acquisition of JLR was a sure recipe for failure. But they  wrong ( But Nano continue to be a challenge, which experts felt was a sure hit!!!)
This time, the opinion on Aston Martin was as such more guarded !! Once bitten... :)

I thought it was a gamble worth it. . .

The latest report says, "no sale, but just capital infusion". Which means all discussions were premature ?!

But great to see our local brands scouting for international brands, in areas such as automotive, where we are no great power...

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