Wednesday, December 19, 2012

5 Critical LinkedIn Optimizations That Take 5 Minutes or Less |

Simple, but very valuable tips to manage our Linkedin Profile..

5 Critical LinkedIn Optimizations That Take 5 Minutes or Less |

  1. Agree on  photo. This always surprised me! Why are people reluctant to upload their photo ? On other platforms, Twitter/gmail/yahoo/FB/etc people upload none/dog/cat/family/caricature/et al !! But on a professional networking platform such as LinkedIn, it is very essential to upload a professional photograph. Of course, lucky friends in arts/advertising/etc can afford to upload a less formal photo. But if we are serious about leveraging this platform, a good photograph will surely help. ( I had my caricature on FB for a long time, a smarter avtar of myself!! I look less handsome on photograph, not being photogenic... still looking for a great photographer :) !!)
  2. Professional headline just updated - utilised the entire space !?
  3. Opportunity to enrich summary.... need more thought on this & shall use this better
  4. Skills added - even my sports & extra-curricular activities from school & college days (Nostalgic!!) Dramatics used to on the stage then, but now part & parcel of professional, at times personal, life !! 'The world is indeed a stage....'
  5. My linkedin profile is -vanity-URL-ed' already by Linkedin!! 
The recent option to 'endorse' was made simple & easy to use !! 
INNOVATION is not necessary a dramatic or drastic change or new development. But incremental improvements are more innovative. LinkedIn has kept the innovation process continuous thru incremental improvements. Useful, relevant and Frugal too...

Hats to team-Linkedin!

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