Wednesday, December 19, 2012

iPhone Press Campaign in India

I was shocked to see the front-page/full page ad for iPhone 4 !!! Thought why on earth Apple was promoting iPhone 4. 
Wondered why was it not 4S !

After few days, there is a front-page/full page ad for iPhone 5 in today's newspaper!!
The ad for iPhone 4 has gone into page 2 ( inside cover)... again full page and for iPhone 4 ( not 4S)!! Was it a 'teaser' !?!?

Also, does iPhone or any Apple gadget need a front page, full page ad?!

iPhone has not captured the imagination of many in India. I find most using old BB or Samsung. Wonder how a generation missed out on iPhone. Reasons are familiar - expensive, restrictive ( vs Android - we love 'freedom' !!) In the process, fan following for Steve Jobs are lower in numbers too.

There is no doubt what is best in each of the categories - 'phone or pad'. Of course, no competition for 'pod' 

But the ad campaign defied logic..... May be something intelligent will unfold in near future.


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