Sunday, December 2, 2012

LG and other brands

Based on couple of queries from reader-friends, here is upate:
Regret to inform the demo by food processor company (brand deliberately not specified) still pending !! 'Re location Experiences' just got a bit painful. My chutni, dosa, curry, et al. Prolonged 'frugal living' ?!

LG was very prompt in the installation, demo & follow up service call!
The Food processor company has been sending text messages assuring demo in 8 hours... This world leader needs to define 'time' !! I am tempted to add, 'customer's time is priceless' !

or is it #KarmaOfCustSer?

Have been calling & sending mails to Tata Croma religiously, who originally made promises. Just sent a mail to the food processor company (they definitely have a fancy website!) God Bless...


2nd Dec '12:
I never considered the korean brands as the preferred choice - esp when it came to cars and consumer durables. Always felt German and Japanese respectively were tougher and more suitable to Indian conditions ( heat/dust/rough-use).
A chance exposure to LG's success story in US in the last decade...
  • an interesting discussion on their marketing strategy, 
  • success thereof, as they hit no. 1 slot, 
  • personal experiences of how LG engineer came, promptly, to somewhere in interior UP, etc...

Suddenly I decided to buy LG refrigerator only. As advised by a friend, went straight to Tata Crome and bought a base (frugal living!) model. Though I did not get a bigger and a more colourful piece.

Tata Chrome's sales team was neither 'threatening' nor too passive. Billing process was professional. They sent me an e-mail, with the invoices ( as I bought a food processor too, not a korean brand, but a mega-European brand*) and a text message reg the delivery/installation and a demo thereafter. To check out their services, I opted for demo by both the teams. As promised, both items were delivered by evening.

Within an hour, LG person called to fix up time for demo., landed, explained the features and left. (Wife would have thought I had 'forgotten' how to use a basic, no frills refrigerator). That was followed up with a telephone call to take feedback on all aspects of demo-incl., soft skills. That was quite impressive and in line with the new perception at the class-room ( of veterans at executive edu program!)

Delighted to note, LG has set a new benchmark in customer service... I hope their product is so good, I will have no need for any service call. But, hope their after sales service is as professional & caring even after few years... That alone can help them garner a good chunk of the fiercely competitive, but growing refrigerator market in India.

* After almost a week, I am still waiting for the demo-guy from the food processor company, who has been 'threatening' to come! Though they have been around for decades and enjoys a high recall, they are still living in past! Unaware of Indian consumer's preference on product features & service.


Jayanta Mukherjee said...

Good post, Subhash. Yes, indeed, there is a thing or two that the 'EMNCs' (excuse the jargon :))are doing. For one, when it comes to customer service, they are quite consistent with regards to doing what they say (ofcourse slip-ups do happen, but they are not the norm). Second, when it comes to the product itself, most often it is of 'good enough' quality and smells of value for money. However, beyond all the branding and positioning that they are visibly good at, these companies (LG, Samsung, M&M, Tata,...) 'appear' to be 'serious' about their business and their offerings. To me, more than anything else, this perception of a providers commitment is what helps me return to them. At the end of the day, honesty and commitment does have it's dividends!

SUBS said...

Thanks for the comment. Indeed, overall value system, focus on process, customer service, etc makes it an enchanting experience.