Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Maruti may emerge as a brand of Suzuki globally MINT

According to reports, Suzuki may start selling 'Maruti Suzuki' brand outside India. 

With Indian auto industry growing (slowly, but surely!), this would be great news to auto enthusiasts in India.  Though the temptation would be to launch this brand at the lower end. But, it would be great if opposite happens ( wishful thinking?!)  

Suzuki can truly launch an India auto brand abroad, more than Mahindra or Tata, or any other brand. 
Do a Bajaj Auto stuff in auto market !!

I have seen Tata cars (not JLR!) on roads of Middle East. Indian expat could be a ready segment, waiting to be tapped. Of course the taste of pudding is when the local customer laps up in big numbers...

Interesting !!

Sourse: Maruti may emerge as a brand of Suzuki globally Mint

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