Monday, December 17, 2012

Remembering the Mixie

Interesting read on the innovation, 'MIXIE...! 

I had expressed some thoughts on The Saga of Food Processor, as part of my 're-location' pains! the-saga-of-food-processor
Indeed, we have seen the transition from the traditional stone-grinders to 'Sumeet/Meenu' & other brands of 'mixies' ! But, as a kid, I remember trying my hand at the big idlli/dosa grinder.
Related innovation included, the shift to gas stove & pressure cooker.. And, of course, the lantern/kerosene lamps to electricity..
Something our children may not be able to visualise :)

But the taste of idli (& dosa) made traditionally had a different taste, definitely more delicious!!  
  • stone grinder to prepare batter ( a mechanical version is now available, 'Santha' & ' Butterfly' being two popular brands!)
  • specific idli steamer, vis-a-vis the current pressure cookers - white cloth was used instead of a coat of oil now used!
  • traditional chulha - that guaranteed slow cooking, compared to LPG stove. ( rice upma is another break-fast dish that will taste distinctly superior when cooked on traditional chulha).
I am not batting for the traditional ( polluting) chulhas or kerosene lamps, or grinders...
Just going down the memory lane. It had its own charm, surely!!

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