Monday, December 24, 2012

Sunday Soul Sante

Visited to Sunday Soul Santhe on 23rd Dec ( Sunday, obviously !).

It was a long drive drive from home to the venue, at Sahakar Nagar (may be any IT connection?!), near Yelahanka, adjacent to a railway line (so many visitors were seen crossing the railway lines, never safe!).
Got to know the venue was recently shifted from Palace Grounds to this place. The venue was in one corner of this city, with its notorious, slow moving traffic, even on a Sunday morning. The ground was not ready either. But that perhaps added to the flavour of the event, except for the chaotic parking and lack of adequate direction for people to locate the venue.

Once inside, with a Rs 99 ticket, it was a different experience!! It was brimming with energy. The venue was filled with small stalls. Art in several avtaars, home decor, paintings, plants, pets, designs, lamp-shades, clothes, JBL, and also food joints...

Reminds you of Dilli Haat... But this is very contemperory.

This quarterly art event is a great idea and the informal, simple approach make it very unique. I am sure this must be a great attraction for all artists and art-inclined Bangaloreans.

Of course, I hope to improve my 'art quotient' through these visits. Also, recently read  Every Leader is an Artist . So, it makes sense to focus on art, as part of my leadership training & mentoring :)

Hats off to the brain behind the idea.... Kudos to all who set up shop on a hot Sunday.
Sunday Soul Sante on FB

I was there late morning & left early afternoon. The venue was getting ready for a rocking evening, when the temperature would have been good too. May be next time ?!

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