Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Maya of Career

Read recently... got multiple forwards from friends...  

On the eve of a new year, Mayan 2012 behind us and with a new spiritual awakening, with all its resolutions & planning, this may come as a big shock. It got me on the wrong foot, I must confess. But, it was very soon replaced by a hearty laugh... I thought, how true! Most of us know that. But we do nothing about it !! 

We chase career at the expense of everything else in life. Work-life balance remains an eternal mirage !! And we blame everyone else for all problems at work. We don't take responsibility. After all, we made a choice. All that we experience today is the effect of choices we made earlier. Let us not blame it on parents/shcool/college/teachers/mentors/boss/spouse/colleague/kids.... WE CHOSE !!

We tend to lose the 'joy of living' in the process. Job and all that comes with it in the garb of 'success'.... image, financial power, big car, big house, big investments, reputed school, club membership, foreign/exotic holiday... etc. 
I don't mean all these are bad. But when needs become wants, we complicate our lives. In the process, we forget health, family, social responsibility, parenting and spiritual growth. We postpone the important things in life, in favour of corpoRATe race! Don't quit the job either. Be aware !!!
As it is often quoted, 'too much of even amrit ( nectar) is bad'. We fail to understand the thin life between too less, just right and too much. THAT IS MAYA...

May 2013 be a year to re-connect and overcome the Maya of Career... in favour of blissful living. 


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