Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Saga of Food Processor

Stone grinder used for making dosa/idli batter

Yet another stone grinder used to make  Chutney and all spicy masala that make our curries hot!

Some of you, readers, would not have seen this. But some of us would remember seeing this at our homes, at least ancestral homes in the villages, when we were kids... ( I am feeling old!)

Idli/dosa prepared using these ( instead of electric mixer/grinder/food processor), traditional stove which burnt wood ( instead of faster LPG), utensils made of traditional metals ( vis a vis non-stick), slow cooking (vs fast cooking, fast-food) etc.,  always tasted a lot better.

You may wonder why I am getting a bit nostalgic...

As shared earlier, we bought a food processor on 26th Nov. The promised demo ( 'next day') happened today... after ten days. '10' instead of '1' day... afterall, we gave the world 'zero' :)

Seemingly the problem was the service team from the european multi-national (world leader, in at least some of the products??), were just not able to reach me. I trust them... Seemingly they did not prefix '0' to mobile no !!! IN the process one became 10 !
 I call it #KarmaOfCustomer Service

Glad to update the technician materialised at our place today, and he has 'demonstrated' the latest in food-processor technology.
Delighted to share chutney will re-enter our simple ( frugal?) food spread with immediate effect.

Of course, the wet-grinder is still on my 'To Do' list.

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