Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Midwayfilm Must Watch

Got this from couple of friends... 

This video is about an island in the ocean at 2000 km from any other coast line.Nobody lives there, only birds and yet ...............You will not believe your eyes!!!!!!! This film should be seen by the entire world, please don't throw anything into the sea. Unbelievable, just look at the consequences!!!!! 

Must watch...

I have shared with virtually all my contacts, on multiple platforms... Hope & pray many get to watch it & share. We have a choice... to make a difference or just ignore the issue. But, eventually it will come to haunt us & future generations.

In fact to cut down on plastic was one of my new year resolutions, as part of my effort to 'GO Green'. Now it becomes a priority. I can not limit my love for animals ( birds/fish/plants Etc) just to pampering our own dog. It should extend to the world... Let us make a choice.

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