Sunday, April 7, 2013

Five Secrets To Life From The People Who Have Lived The Longest - Business Insider

No surprises here, at all. But useful reminder for us !
Also, backed by some good research : a piece in Harvard Gazette/ Karl Pillemer of Cornell University learned/ studying nearly 1500 people age 70 to 100+

Key Lessons highlighted in the article:
  1. Life is Short: We would have heard this so many times... but we live as though we are immortal !
  2. Career: Do something you enjoy... Had heard & shared recently, 'the biggest Maya'!
  3. Healthy Living: Often we treat our physical body like our slaves.  I liked the new perspective... 'Treat the body as though we will live for 100 years, to avoid 20/30/40 years of chronic illness'. This is surely very powerful.
  4. Avoid 'Pointless Worrying'! Most often worrying is sheer waste... 90% of it being misplaced! 
  5. Happiness - Don't make it dependent externally... true happiness is within ! That is essence of Spirituality, is n't ?

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Mike said...

Very inspirational, I just needed these kind of words. Thank you for posting them. You made my day!