Friday, April 26, 2013

Time@Work Counts - Study

We all know the eternal conflict of quality vs quantity @work ! It is  obvious more working hours do not usually translate to improved output. But we conveniently ignore the truth. 

This trend is rampant in India. I hear so many managers who prefer to work late and 'end up in office just because the system/boss believes'! 
Of course, we tend to flow with it and not pause to think the impact it has on everything - time/energy/family/wellness. It impacts not only on our work-life balance, critical to our productivity at work, but also on environment (energy, water, etc.)

Coffee/smoking breaks, apart from 'social-media breaks' take bulk of our precious time at work. 

Everything finally boils down to our personal choice! Let us not blame the system. We have a choice for everything. Whether we believe in Doctrine of Karma or Newton's 3rd Law.

If at all we needed statistical evidence of the malaise, check out this report in ET :
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