Monday, June 10, 2013

My Mid Year Evaluation : Light-weight, Bright-Green Running Shoes

Celebrated my birthday, recently. For a long time, I never believed in personal celebrations. 
We all rather focus on our kid(s)' birthday or others, don't we?! 
(May be not a bad idea to celebrate our birthdays too... part of loving & caring ourselves, spiritually!)

Incidentally, my birthday as per our local calender & celebrated in family, fell this year on Buddha Poornima. Birthday on a full moon day itself is considered auspicious. To get it on a day when the world celebrates a Master's...., wow!

The advantage of having birthday in the middle of year - helps me to take a stock of my journey - personal, professional, spiritual.
Into my second year of my #3rd Innings in professional life, it was more of a personal need/choice. Unlike, mid-year formality of score-card update!

  • Professionally, I am moving ahead, albeit slowly. Glad about the progress on all professional fronts. (Won't bore you with the details!). 
  • At the personal level, have gained couple of kilos!
  • Spiritually, surely doing a lot better. Can do more, no doubt.
Way ahead: Will shift gears on all fronts.. Goal-driven, time-bound.
  • ...on professional front, as planned. Now that son's vacation over too. Watch out this space for updates... plz!
  • Fitness was one of the new year resolutions for 2013! So, went ahead & bought a new pair of running shoes - bright green and light-weight. A simple visualisation board. And a commitment to myself to keep the focus & work on it!
  • Focus on Self & all related stuff. Made some affirmative steps already & delighted about it!
  • If you want to know detail, how I am doing it, write back... glad to share my journey

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