Friday, August 23, 2013

Life in A Volvo, Metro, 'Local'

Got this from a Coach-Mentor/Trainer, with the title  
Bodhisattva in metro
(This is one of the beautiful aspects of my Coaching Experience). Don't miss.

I have re-christened as dedicated to Bangaloreans, who commute in Volvo buses & Mumbaikar ('local' trains, though nothing local about it, for eg., Virar Local!) and all others who avail public transport, by choice or otherwise!

We go about our day-to-day activities with what Master calls, "Castor-Oil-Face"! Esp at the end of the day... whether a corporate executive/self-employed/unemployed/artist....

One person could ignite the reaction in this video. That is power of One. 

Public transport, commuting to/from work would be so different if we could 'just laugh it off'. We would reach home so light & with a  shining-face!


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