Thursday, August 11, 2016

1. Becoming a writer

Have managed to tick few items off the bucket list, in the recent past. 'Feeling grateful', as FB would prompt!

To publish a book remained elusive!

Taking an affirmative step in that direction, after passively exploring several options. Also aware of the need to overcome the self-limiting belief I am not good enough to be an authoer?!

A new journey... new beginning. I am sure I will enjoy the journey, with expectations managed ab initio!

Reaching the venue was a journey by itself. There are few things google can not tell you. There are many places google-map can not help you reach, nor detailed, specific route! Still reached just in time, another big need within! To be on time, for important stuff only!

The Attic is off the main road, but has a very laid-back ambience, within & outside. The silver oak trees were actually distracting!

So critical to activate grey cells.

The myth is broken when told, 'you can write anytime, anywhere, on anything. It is a matter of discipline'! And I thought discipline was at the other end of spectrum for a creative guy!!

Writer's block thus ceases to be an excuse!

'There is so much anger around' came back again from one of the group members. Had heard it just two days ago at Delhi. 

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