Monday, August 22, 2016

Manifest Future, with Care

Living in 
- 1994-97:Interior MP and covering interior MP & Rajasthan,  
- 1997-2000: Extreme weather (& pollution ) in Delhi, 
- 2000-2006: Surviving the demands of the Maximum city for six years... had got stuck in the famous Mumbai floods,
- 2006-2012: Thereafter years in the Middle East, with weather closer to that of Delhi, minus pollution, thankfully...

I aspired to live in a city like Bangalore. Somewhere in Whitefield, which had old world charm, had spiritual centres like Sai Ashram & Siva Temple from Mahabharatha days! Kadu-godi still had elements of 'kadu', forest! Bangalore then was truly Garden city! 

We should be careful about what we dream of ! 

Today the city, where I have landed, is very different. It is no longer a Garden City. Concrete City would be more appropriate. 

I traveled from Whitefield to the other side of the city in the morning and returned in the evening. Parked myself near Lalbagh during the day, to work, 

At 330PM, when I stepped out, the bakery was filled with people drinking aerated drinks! I gulped down a lime juice, with little trace of the presence of any lime, left homewards. 

As FM played some good songs, and some cacophony, I kept focus on my driving, to navigate one of most chaotic traffic you can encouter anywhere in India... How much we honk!!! Ads for pan masala were most disgusting, with or without disclaimer. Still worse was a bollywood superstar (sic) romanticising pan masala!!

'The journey is as important as the destination....'

we keep reminding ourselves in all our work! 

I was reminded of a coaching conversation, where the coachee was struggling at work and at home. I wonder how many commuters were in that space - with issues at work and home. Then this commuting. Can it get worse?!

What are we manifesting? What are our dreams? What are we telling ourselves? 

As I passed the green patch in the heart of the city, saw this beauty at the signal, next to me. That was perhaps the only positive experience on road!! What have we done to Namma Bangalore :((

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