Monday, August 29, 2016


In 2014, I went to Dubai to attend ICF meet. Met up with Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, Janet Harvey, Ram & Gautam at Right Selection, ICF leadership team at Dubai, coaches from all over the globe... Among them was NSK. Soft spoken, a keen student. Got to connect and interact briefly on the sidelines.

As we remained in touch, got to know him better. On a subsequent visit, he took me home, was treated to an authentic south Indian lunch. Met his wife, who is an English language expert. 
His academic qualifications were very impressive. IIM-B to European Universities, throughout his career he was a student. He picked up degrees in diverse areas related to human capital, analytical tools (MBTI), coaching, mentoring, et al. He was a keen student of numerology. He was a corporate honcho. And he drove a Merc S-Class! He was a doting father, though his kids were well-settled. He was a foodie. 

Everything I would want to be in my early sixties. 

It was a pleasant surprise when he reached out to me and signed up for our coach-training program. He came all the way from Dubai to attend our sessions at Chennai. The objective was very clear - it was always the journey. The destination was incidental. 

And he was a brilliant student. In that space, that we jointly created, all were all students. We, facilitators, learn more. He was as interested in my journey to Mastery in Coaching and painfully shared all the details of areas of common interests in Coaching, Mentoring and Healing. He had a fine sense of humour. Fitness was not his priority.

As part of the journey, we discussed his future plans - a quiet, retired life in Australia, after all these years of hard work in the corporate world. He wanted to pursue his interest in numerology, coach/mentor young professionals and do simple things in life. Nothing more... 

Yesterday, after a brief illness, he passed on. The saddest part is all his plans for his retired life remain unfulfilled. Our prayers for his recovery did not have the outcome we hoped for. The Universe had different plans. 

As a friend from healing space mentioned, 'he is in a better place now'. 
I have no doubt about it. He is in a better place... at a higher consciousness. The acceptance is the issue :(

It is said, there are five stages of grief: 
  1. Denial
  2. Bargaining (with God/Hi C/Master)
  3. Anger (when prayer does not work)
  4. Depression, sadness
  5. Acceptance. 
I personally did not feel 1, 2 or 3. It was straightaway #4, sadness! Struggling to move to acceptance! As a student of numerology, I am sure he would have been aware of his own future. When it mattered most, his employer, colleagues and friends stepped in to help. His family must be very proud of him. 

And that is a legacy worth working for. 

In that struggle, I just read this in ET:
Most rituals associated with death are designed to enable us to reach a state of acceptance, of coming to terms with death as a natural, inevitable event. Whatever our belief system, it is clear that by focusing on helping the departed soul, our grief vanishes slowly but steadily. In doing so, we would perhaps move closer to understanding the impermanence of life. A medieval book on the craft of dying says, “Learn to die and thou shalt learn how to live.”

RIP NSK - you will be missed. Stay blessed!

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