Tuesday, October 18, 2016

'Surgical Strikes'.... on Honey Bees

As I went for my morning walk, I felt suddenly threatened by a swarm of honey bees. There were so many around me, hundreds of them!

I looked around and realized I was not under threat. They were a victim of a 'surgical strike' on their beehive and they were fleeing for their lives. I lost interest in my morning walk and decided to get back. 

The apartment owner may have felt threatened by a beehive on the balcony and decided to get rid of it. His/her apartment, balcony, choice. 

This morning, after 24 hours, I found honey bees suffering, resisting the inevitable death, in the same area. I felt sad :( 

Almost four years ago, when we had just moved to Namma Bengaluru, I had experienced similar emotions. I was going through my coaching & healing certifications. I brought up this topic for my role-plays! I was traumatized to see so many honey bees being killed in our locality. The other participants in the programs responded in different ways. I realized everyone looks at it differently. And I respected it.

I felt we have come into their space and drive them away, along with monkeys, and birds. Then we put up beautiful flowering plants, which attracts them. That is their dharma. When they set up a colony, we kill them. These bees must be finding us, human beings, very peculiar!

1. How Honeybees — and Humans — Are Being Stung by Environmental Problems 
Courtesy: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/how-honeybees-humans-are-being/id120724941?i=1000375343008&mt=2
Honey bees are facing #ColonyCollapseDisorder killing them. Bad news for the environment, food security.
Nature is designed with the highest level of interdependence . Let's go natural, organic. Let's enjoy 'ToxicSoup' till then :(
Of course, 'organic stuff exported to US from India is by Indian standards, not USFDA'
2. Details of book - bees on the roof
https://beesontheroof.com/get-the-book/ (pls let us buy these for our kids)

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