Monday, October 17, 2016


Last week we went for a move... after a very long gap! This is almost like breaking news on the idiot box?!

We love to go for movies. There is a multiplex nearby. They play all languages, we can speak. #Bookmyshow makes it convenient to book & go across. 

- God has given everything..... Time is a constraint. God would expect me to manage my time, after all. 
- Also, At the cost of sounding snobbish, quality of films..... (are not to our liking)! 

We went for 915PM show of "MS Dhoni". 

We reached the 3rd floor of Park Square (nothing  green about this 'park', but concrete IT Park:(( )

There was a huge crowd in the common area, with a lot of lights and sound! (Stating the obvious? We always make a lot of noise, don't we!) 

People were sitting on the stationary elevator, lying on the floor, a few holding guns, with lights & cameras. A shooting was going on. Going by the scale of settings, it was a film. Perhaps serials can manage without the details and depth?

The film was a 3 hour long one! We stepped out after 12 AM. When we reached the common area, the 'situation' and settings were almost the same. The "shooting" was still on. Not just with camera & lights, but also with filmi-guns. The artists were at the scene of a terrorist attack - on the elevator (still stationary) and on the floor. The artists were busy, behind lights, camera, and all other paraphernelia. It appeared as though no much progress made over the three hours, when we were enjoying MSD & popcorn!

How much effort goes into the making of a film. Suddenly I felt a sense of respect for all those technicians who work so hard, behind the scenes. They looked very simple & ordinary. I wondered if they were there chasing their dream or the next meal?!

So much noise about the ban on upcoming Karan Johan Film, #AeDilHaiMushkil. There is a lot of demand to ban the movie, when it is ready for Diwali release. Is it practical to go back to drawing board after completion of the movie? Do we think of consequences...? They might have received their wages. 

But for an artist, the real joy is to see their artistic effort out there. In the case of movies, when the movie hits theaters. For one actor, there are hundreds of such poor artists & technicians. They have a dream too... And this dream is Diwali-special!

Most importantly, do we think of all those poor junior artists, technicians who work on the films? Do we care? Don't they deserve a happy Diwali too? 

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