Saturday, October 15, 2016

Becoming a Writer

A few months ago I came across an article (in The Hindu?) about an author’s visit to Anita’s Attic. She explained about the difficulty to locate the venue and the chance to interact with the writers! 

Bangalore has multiple things to boast of. It is not only IT capital, but also has HAL, IISC, IIM, AoL and Saibaba Ashram. I was not aware a successful & popular author, Anita Nair, was conducting writer’s workshops too. It is one thing to write. But totally different to coach and mentor aspiring writers. 

I reached out reluctantly, sent in my application with no hope of selection. I was on cloud nine when I was shortlisted. Other prior engagements prevented me to join. I sought permission to join next batch.

I was sure they would go for ‘better and more deserving’ candidates for the next batch. I was not sure if I would fit in. Hence, also the reluctance to dedicate time, energy and money. 

When I shared the development with my son, he said I should have joined. “They have selected you. You wanted to do something like this. You love to write. You believe money should be the last reason to avoid it. Go for it pop”, he had said. As always, the better-half was in support.

When they called back to inform about the next batch, I grabbed it. I was ready… I was ready to pursue my dream to become a writer.  Rest is history!

PS: Why this obsession to become a writer... that is a story by itself. Shall narrate later :)

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