Saturday, October 15, 2016

Drive to the Attic for Session #9 – Dogs & Cabs

Eight weeks have passed since the sessions started at the Attic. No 9 is an auspicious number. I seem to be bent upon making it not so auspicious, by being late. I had “planned” to leave 30 minutes earlier. Just “planned”, not decided?! 

My body clock seemed to have got used to the session starting at 1030 AM. Even Fussy, my beloved dog, was in no hurry to get back from her morning walk! I left at usual 930 AM. I sent out the intent to the Universe to reach Attic by 1015 AM.

The FM started off with a prank on a girl, who was getting married to a guy in Bahrain. Prank-calls seem to be the flavor, with virtually all FM channels having their own versions. After the prank, I switched from radio to the CD. The bhajans helped me to be a little more mindful, as my Yeti enjoyed sprinting along the now familiar route.

As I made exit from Old Madras road to the road parallel to it, it was easy driving, at high speed.

Even at the high speed, I managed to avoid hitting dogs, which have little respect for traffic rules, just like us, the so-called masters. Nevertheless saw two dead dogs on the route. I sent out silent prayers to the departed souls. I wondered what it is to meet a fatal road accident! How would Manjunath have felt when he was hit on Hassan-highway and passed on? A quick, vertical takeoff, with less pain and suffering? What happens to the soul when the cause of death is not natural? 

Traffic was light, by Bangalore standards. The roadside vegetable vendor was there as usual, with fresh papayas, for a change. Will try my luck next time to stop & pick up few. So many Facebook friends want us to support these roadside vendors.

Love the trees with red and yellow flowers, all over namma Bengaluru.

As I passed Jessica’s dog stay, there was a traffic jam. People were just using the road as though it belonged to their grandfathers.

State govt seem to have started dispensing (plastic) water cans. They should be providing clean water through taps. Not through tankers and cans. One more “mafia” in the making?

After 8 weeks, Muniswamappa Layout is still not easily located. The taxi in front was slowing me down, as he was in no hurry. Over the last few weeks, the roads have been repaired in the layout. 

Vedan’t car was not there at its usual place. Has he usurped my parking space? I see another blue car under the tree, with a youngster sitting at the wheel, looking at his phone. As I took the turn to the Attic, a cab came in opposite direction, in a hurry to exit layout.

As I parked the car, the brown slim, dog, Vani, was there, as always to greet me, not only wagging her tail but also “smiling”. I wish I had got her some biscuits. For every safe & happy dog at home, so many are vulnerable along the road.

My watch showed 1015 AM, the Universe did conspire, yet again.

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