Saturday, October 22, 2016

Random Notes from Anita's Attic - Session 10

A busy day at Attic.

Session no 10. Almost at the end of the journey. And I am just warming up!

 The ‘back-road’ from KR Puram to Kodanur has few schools, closer to Kodanur. That stretch was unusually crowded today. Then I saw a trend! It was not a school day, but a PTA day. Parents were coming out with kids, mostly with unhappy expressions. At the gate of one school, I saw a serious-looking father and his son, father looking very upset and the son clueless!

        All the cars were parked along the road, taking a part of the narrow road. I wonder why school authorities do not take responsibility for car parking so that it is better for both parents as well as others?

Reached Attik before time. BESSCOM seemed to be in a playful mood, thanks to fluctuating power supply, which the UPS was struggling to handle.

        Got to facilitate a member, who was not well, to connect virtually. My healing suggestion did not cut much ice, I guess. Many of us were occasionally sneezing or coughing. I see this trend at the office and in our apartment complex, everywhere. Bangaloreans, pls take some vitamin C?

        Progress Report: PTA & report card was the flavor of the day. We were also told we would get our report card. That was an interesting twist. Report card used to be ‘Progress Report Card’ earlier? If I were to be evaluated for my progress….. I felt safe. I was so bad in the art when I started off at Attik, improvement had to happen. All credit to the mentor & the group! 

     I still manage to be the worst student in every class, in spite of my efforts not to be a backbencher, literally & otherwise! 

        Dialogue-baazi: A quick assignment was given to us. To write a piece on the Sangam experience, with only dialogues. Now dialogue-baazi has never been my strength, in oral or written communication. As such very little ‘conversations’ in my writing. That was a good space to get into, outside my comfort zone.

Enjoyed the experience. More the journey than the destination J

Session #10 was a 'perfect 10'!

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