Friday, November 4, 2016

Chandra’s Phobia, Dreams continue… Yakshi as an Executive

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The press report on Mythophobia (Yakshi) was “the news” yesterday, at least among few of us.

His manager was a big sports fan himself, of cricket to be more specific. He was tall, slim. He was a man of few words, with a big heart and literary bend of mind. They both were not only aspiring leaders in BFSI but shared their love for the cricket-analysis. 

Suresh Menon of The Hindu was their favorite sports columnist. Often during their trips to meet clients, they would discuss the nitty-gritty of Suresh Menon’s analysis. 

The article, Taking a Writer’s Call in the Hindu also reported the presence of Suresh Menon and his talk on words, ‘The Hidden Life of Words”. It was a very different talk, something Chandra was not usually exposed to and not expected from Suresh Menon, an exemplary cricket analysist (How we box people!). During his talk, Menon connected with some of the contemporary issues. It was thought-provoking for Chandra, how words play (like the management jargon, ‘Games People Play’!) 

Suresh Menon’s presence brought forth a flood of memories for Chandra, about his young days. 

In his dream, yet again, he met Raghu, his former manager. As it so happens only in dreams, his boss had not changed at all, even after two decades! They met at an event, left their stuff on a big table and started talking about how they used to discuss Suresh Menon and how Chandra was lucky to get the certificate from Suresh himself. Raghu was in a hurry and was about to leave when he observed his phone was missing. Chandra’s cell phone had mysteriously disappeared too.

The search ended on the second floor of his Tharavadu, in Kerala. In dreams, like in astral travel, you can travel quickly in dreams! Second floor was one big hall, the floor with traditional soil & cow dung covered. It was not in use, but a lot of old & unwanted stuff were neatly kept there. 

Chandra found himself seated at the entrance of the second floor! Curiously, there were a lot of contemporary stuff at the entrance to the floor, all neatly arranged, as always. And he saw his phone there and ringing. As Chandra was about to pick it up, a smartly dressed, young executive appeared from nowhere, waved his hand. The phone disappeared yet again and was seen in the executive's hand. 

Who was this young guy, manifesting on the second floor of their ancestral home, at this time? Chandra had not seen him before. 

Their pet dog joined another small group of three dogs, first to stand among them and lie in the middle of their protective presence (out of fear?!). Man’s best friend was not being of much help, yet again.  
Has Yakshi started appearing as smart executive these days instead of beautiful women ?
Going back to the press report, it was a welcome change; a day after Arnab Gowsami’s resignation had hogged all limelight! I don't want to go into the Tata-story! 
- Wonder what phobias these leaders suffer from? 
- More importantly what phobias their viewers (Arnab) and employees of Tata were suffering? 

As I asked on 28th October at the Metro… ‘what phobia are you suffering from?’



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