Thursday, November 3, 2016

Diwali 2016 @ a Resort


I am writing (typing on a laptop, would be more appropriate) to you from a resort. For a change, it is dog-friendly. Otherwise, most of these resorts are not pet-friendly. This one is eco-friendly, which is a bonus.

- Should not all eco-friendly properties be also pet-friendly, as a rule? 
- What is an ecosystem or an environment without pets?
- Should not all ‘properties’, tagged eco-friendly or otherwise, be pet-friendly? (Sadly not even Club Mahindra, one of the popular brands in time-share, is pet-friendly)
- Why just domesticated pets, why not be Prakriti-friendly, with all 84 lakh species? Every animal, bird, insect has a right to exist, just as the hard-nosed human being.

Human being evolved from us, the "lesser" species (in their eyes), over thousands of years. Yet they have forgotten where they came from! It is not just monkeys.

They have forced themselves into our habitat and converted most of the green space into concrete space, not worthy of living. And now they go in search of 'native villages' and eco-friendly resorts. 

This resort, where we are put up,  is outside the concrete city. It took a full two hours to reach this place, with heavy Diwali traffic. On a normal day, it would not have made any difference either.

Diwali…! Festival of lights. Now it is festival of crackers! For all the noise and air pollution, is Diwali actually a festival, a celebration? All the pollution people cause with flex banners and irresponsible disposal of puja material....?

Back to the eco-resort. The place is filled with dogs and their families. Various breeds of dogs are enjoying the limited freedom. They are mostly on leash or with limited freedom, under the watchful eyes of the respective families.

This is my fourth Diwali in India, ever since we got back. Only now the family could find a place for me, away from crackers. The other dogs were interesting to observe. All types of breeds, including a couple of well-maintained Indies. Each one with different temperaments, just like their families. The food was ordinary for all, including ourselves. The weather was good. But service was good. Lot of space to move around and a lot of grass. Enjoyed moving around and get a feel of grass, which I don't get in the concrete city of Bangalore. 

We could step out of the compound and be in the woods, a mini-forest. Some photo sessions and selfies. 

There was an element of simplicity in the frugal living at the resort. We need that much only. The human being can learn so much from us, animals and birds, nature on simple living. 

PS: Back in the city it is business as usual - people continue to burst crackers and pollute big time! Irresponsible fellows !!

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