Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Parents at work - Does having children boost your productivity

Came across this interesting tweet by World Economic Forum

- One of the leading players in BFSI had an unwritten rule, only married people were considered for branch (SBU in charge) positions. The interpretation was only married men (mostly men there, if not all!) understood others' problems and pains. Back then 'empathy' was not so much in vogue, not was 'EI' popularised by Dr Daniel Goleman and others!

- Parenting is one of the biggest responsibility in our lives. The most important part of our legacy, whether we accept or not.

- Lot of people have shared parenting is one of the most beautiful experiences in life. For parenting to be more beautiful, the professional has taken care of other relationships, personal and professional

  • Personal relationships with spouse, parents, siblings & in-laws are strongly inter-linked. A strong support system, physical/emotional, would help
  • Professional relationship - for a father even a cycle was a luxury. As such it was a matter of great pride for him he had a car when his first child was born. 
       Time for parenting, understanding parenting, quality vs quantity, etc., are other key elements.

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