Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Ten Most Affordable Automatic Cars in India ET

This blog started off as a car blog. Not for the manufacturer, industry/associations, other players like insurance/govt agencies. But the end-user, ordinary people like you and me, who are normal human beings. 

We love cars. We love to drive. Hence we blog on cars too... 

Automatic cars are gaining popularity in India. Our traffic and roads make them almost a necessity. 

But when we say, 'affordable'... to whom? To the owner (I), to the automobile industry (We) or all of us, including environment (We)? Or what Master calls #I2We2He

Affordable, at what cost, to I, We & He? To all included. 

All cars look beautiful. How safe are they? Why our media conveniently deprive the readers on this important element of car ownership or car purchase? Should safety be  an important part of the report. 

In retrospect is automatic-transmission the part of evolution to driver-less cars? Manual (manly!) transmission to automatic (not 'womanly') to driverless?! 


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B V S Prathap said...

As you said, we need to know the mileage-indirect indicator of pollution- pparticulaly in city traffic.