Thursday, November 10, 2016

DeMonetization Demon

We were on one of the usual, weekly call... As the discussion went beyond the allotted time, a message appeared on my phone. 'PM to address the nation at 8 PM'. I was worried and in a hurry to leave the call and check the idiot box. 

The news went viral, to put it mildly, when PM made the announcement. There were Whatsapp messages, facebook updates, tweets and of course, good old face to face conversations on "500 & 1000 Notes"! 

- for many of us, for once we felt it paid to be clean & ethical. 
And, that was a huge moment for India's middle class. 
- some were happy to be in possession of less currency, for a change

- a friend was glad he had given up the habit of carrying a wallet a year ago. (I got to find out more about this)

- Most of the politicians had taken the stand on expected political lines. They were expected to toe their party line, even after seeing what common man/woman can do when they chose to vote (#Trump)

- When will we stop politicizing everything? Can we not rise above petty political lines when it comes to our motherland? 

One of my first teachers/friend (a 'Guru') used to say, 'if one generation can choose to sacrifice for sake of country, India will overcome all its problems' (And I was in 5th Std!). Not everyone is blessed with such teachers. 

We love drama. This news gave us all the opportunities to be most dramatic. 

The ceremony held at Rangastala, Rangoli Metro Art Centre, last week began with an insightful lecture -- ‘The Hidden Life of Words’ by Suresh Menon. He spoke about how some nuanced emotions sometimes escape expression. He also observed: “Words are charged with meanings, popular culture, movies, the television. We have no control over how words can be distorted. (

The heartiest laughter came from sister, on phone, in the company of mom. The word at home used to be 'Underground'! An art identified with mom. 

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