Monday, November 27, 2017

Death of customer service in India

Death of customer service in India:

Behaviour by brain - 'In recent times, the focus on customer care as a core business strategy seems to have lost its importance'

Chandra has several recent, but unresolved customer-services (CRs) issues with 
  1. #Uber - two drivers cancelled a prior-appointment for an important meeting. Multiple reminders, incl tweets, have not been responded to. No closure even after 10 days! 
  2. #3M car care - they just decided to save water, get environment-friendly with retrospective effect, thus unilaterally nullifying annual maintenance contract (AMC)
  3. #Airtel 4G wifi - connectivity is an issue for over 2 years now - not dependable, when most needed
  4. #HDFC Bank - multiple issues, for they don't see multiple products as one relationship. So much so, he decided to downgrade from 'Imperia' to 'cattle-class'!
  5. #HDFCLife - poor returns, over and above wrong #CrossSell by the bank RM himself :(
  6. #JetAirways - a packet of sweet disappeared from his checked in baggage. 
  7. #CrownePlaza, Chennai - he lost his power-bank
  8. #DTDC - the Diwali gift he had sent to his mother is still missing. DTDC is not responding
Chandra conducts training/visiting faculty engagements for young leaders and BSchools students (aspiring leaders!). He seems to be attracting a lot of case-studies :((
20 yrs or 30 yrs back, when many of us were in the corporate world, at lower/middle level leadership roles, the customer was still important. Customer complaint was not measured scientifically like it is today. But then it was not mere a process management, but managing relationships. What caused this?

- Is it our obsession with top-line and bottom-line, come what may?
- Is it our myopic view of quarterly, monthly or even weekly targets vs achievement?
- Is it the expanding market where it is a deliberate strategy to acquire customers, vs retention?
Would these sustain in the long run? 
Make in India or any variant thereof, including the focus on Services, will have no impact unless we bring back the customer centricity, at its holistic level. 

It is about #leadership. Moving from selfish to at least partly selfless? #I2We2He

Our Leadership has to move to #ServantLeadership #CustomerDelight as primary focus

Glad Biju Dominic wrote about this and Mint carried the article on November 23, 2017 (when I was away on a spiritual retreat, in bliss, and no expectation of customer service - I was 'serving' some 'customers', or guests at the Ashram) 

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